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MOSI Custom Rx Children's Swimming Goggle with SPH & CYL


Please note: accounts will only be activated for commercial eyecare professionals, as we do not sell directly to the public.

Due to the complexity of custom prescription lenses, Custom Rx goggles is currently not available online.

A fully customizable swimming goggle that can accommodate sphere, cylinder and prism. Bring greater possibilities to patients with conditions that regular Rx goggles cannot address.

We edge and mount the lenses in our lab, guaranteeing a proper seal every time. 

Price varies based on Rx. Please call (416) 297-8181 for details. 
Please order by fax or email.
Download the Custom Swimming Goggle Order Form to get started.


Sphere: -10.00 to +10.00 Cyl: -6.00
Powers beyond -6.00 to +4.00 Cyl: -2.00 must be surfaced.

Lens_Edging_WhiteStroke_Bkgr.svg Edging, Mounting and Water Sealing Included

Replacement & Spare Parts Available:
Black (Plano Lens), Blue (Plano Lens), Stock Lenses, Surface Lenses, Black Strap, Bridge

To Order Mounted Custom Rx Goggles:

  1. Download and complete the Custom Rx Order Form
  2. If planning to claim tax exemption, please also include a copy of doctors prescription 
  3. Fax form to (416) 297-7297 OR email your order to cs@mccrayoptical.com

MOSI Adult Custom Rx Goggles also available

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