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Custom Motorcycle Goggles

MODEL KCU11506702

Please note: accounts will only be activated for commercial eyecare professionals, as we do not sell directly to the public.

Introducing a new line-up of hand-sewn protective eyewear that brings comfort and style to both Rx wearing and non-Rx wearing motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Packaging box and soft drawstring pouch included.


  • Metal frames with side ventilation holes
  • Scratch-proof polycarbonate anti-fog exterior lenses
  • Interior facing padded support made of genuine leather
  • Exterior covering made of wear-resistant imitation leather
  • Adjustable elastic strap with anti-slip strip
  • Custom may be worn over prescription frames not exceeding: 130mm x 37mm

Frame: Black Leather Padded Support, Chrome Rims
Exterior Lens: Clear Anti-Fog

Can be worn over Rx Frames
not exceeding: 130mm x 37mm