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Tabata View Socket-in Competitive Swimming Goggles (CLEARANCE)


Please note: accounts will only be activated for commercial eyecare professionals, as we do not sell directly to the public.

 Made in Japan


• 100% UV protection (under 380nm).
• Lens made of high density polycarbonate which provides strong resistance against impact.
• These “Socket-in” goggles fit snuggly around the eye socket with comfort padding to decrease pressure against the eye sockets.
• The extra compact design based on aero and hydro dynamics reduces water resistance and provides maximum stability and performance during diving and turning.
• Nose belt allow for 5 levels of adjustment over a 2.5mm pitch.
• Anti-fog treatment keeps view clear in the water
• Not Rx-able

 CLEARANCE - Final Sale: No Refunds, No Exchanges. Limited Quantities, While Supplies Last!